Welcome to OdinCraft.net

We are a Towny / McMMO / Jobs / Quests server with a unique touch of the Nordic mythology. The network currently support version 1.14.3.

Its currently on Open Beta as we are continuously working on adding more features and improving on the gameplay, but people are welcome to take part on the process by giving their input and discuss. We listen to the players, this is what makes us unique from most of the servers out there.

Server IP: play.odincraft.net


Build Your Legacy

Establish your empire in the huge open world called Migdard. Work on jobs, trade with each players, collect resources and establish a nation. Feature your town in our wiki site and leave your legacy for many years to come.

Head here to view the list of towns, OR Visit the Wiki.

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Choose your Path

In OdinCraft, you'll advance through a very unique tiered ranking system. The logic behind the design is to encourage everyone to collaborate with each other, while discovering your true talents. They are developed so you can work towards and achieve higher ranks, goals, and quests while bringing your Minecraft experience a whole different point. Each ranks will unlock a number of unique perks which differs from the rest.

Notice: The ranking system is currently in construction, wait for it.


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